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> Who was it who was working on that disk imaging program?
That must be me 😉

> How’s it going?
I’ve recently taken some time from the project, working namely on the keyboard processor emulation for an Atari ST emulator (,  and a PCjr cartridge dumper (,  but I’m about to resume work on Disk2FDI (  I should be able to finish the program within a couple of months. Then, I’ll test the program on various disks. But the part to make the best images possible is already fully functional. It only needs some testing.

I have also now collected a fairly complete collection of King’s Quest games for all machines (Apple 2, Apple 2GS, Macintosh, PC, Amiga, ST, even Tandy CoCo3), and will also image all these.
I’ll certainly drop a line here when this is done.

> That’s what I’d like to use ideally for doing this.
Yes, that would definitely be the best. I also think there were some demo disks released for other machines than the PC, but they are probably much rarer.