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“… (by Kay C) I was just at a friends house and i tried the game on her ocmputer. It worked! I don’t understand why it would work on hers and not mine even though we both have XP and basically the same files that would affect the game.

Possible reasons for working on one machine but not another:

– You were using a different game version, i.e. the CD Windows version on your PC and the disk version on a friend’s, OR the DOS version of the CD game at your friend’s
– You used a fix at your friend’s
– Your friend had different resolution settings (i.e. different colour levels, maybe 256 colours)

Couple of questions. What does ‘I tried the game on her computer’ mean? You tried the pike sequence there, or what?

Also, what does ‘basically the same files’ mean? They are either the same files or they’re not.

– Alistair