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“… (by Kay C) I don’t understand why it won’t work. It worked fine when I got it when it first came out. Maybe that’s the problem… the fact that it’s about 9 years old. Wow! I didn’t realize that I’ve had it for that long. I just discovered it recently after not playing it for a very long time. I never used to be able to get past the fish apartments. Haha! Those were the days!

It’s nothing to do with how old it is.

As I said, Sierra CD games with both DOS and Windows versions generally have problems with their Windows versions. You’d still get these problems regardless of whether you were playing in XP, or Windows 95.

A typical Windows version bug is the cursor palette being completely emssed up. I’ve never played EQ1’s Win version, though I own the EQ1CD. If you like, send me your saves via email (check my profile) and I’ll load EQ1 tomorrow and check this out.

– Alistair