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“And now 3DRealms, the time is right, release Duke Nukem Forever!”

i wish they finally would too, but sadly i am one of the non-believers that thinks DNF is never going to happen, and if by some chance it does, how could it even come close to living up to what people expect of it. almost a decade now of developement time? i think that shows right there that 3d realms doesnt have much respect for the fans at all. its kind of sad too, because if it does get released, it will sell, and it will give 3d realms the idea that a new duke pc game per decade is ok, and its not. could you imagine waiting that long for a sierra sequel back when sierra was owned by ken? i know we are all waiting for new ones now :). im not trying to start a duke war or anything, i was just so supprised to see anyone mention DNF. its been so long since i had thought about it.

i totally agree with you about piracy and a lack of ethics. ethics seem to be something that is quickly fading away in todays society. im only 25 years old and i can already complain about the younger peoples ethical problems, thats pretty sad. the internet has brought piracy to such an acceptable status for so many people. i wonder if people sit back and think of the time and energy it takes developers and musicians to get new product out to the people. or is it more of an impulse? do they just see the link for a free song or program and say “wow, its free” and click it without thinking it through? piracy bother me so much. i think i am the only person i know who actually convinced his parents to BUY the new versions of DOS back in the day instead of just copying them. and the thought of copying sierra games was insane since you would miss out on the really cool packaging and extras. sorry for babbling about this, it is just one of things that annoy me the most.

i am also one who almost always waits until software is bargain priced to play it. the only pc game i have purchased full priced in the last 2 years was the new remake of Sid Meyers Pirates! and only because i already knew it would be a great game.

as for half life 2, i dont like what i hear, so i wont even get it later on when its cheap. im glad that you all have been discussing it, because i was thinking of purchasing it. i had no idea the downloadable copy is full price, that is insane. it should be at least 39.99, if not 29.99. the game industry has become just another business to make money. there are only a few people in it now that care about the gamers. thats too bad.