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>I will only buy a cellphone when these criterias are reached:
>- Cellphone reception is as clear as a rotary pulse telephone.
>- Cellphone can be heard by every tower no matter where you’re at.
>- Cellphone charges come under the price of owning a home telephone line.
>- Cellphone companies take out all the stupid ‘bells and whistles’ that you are billed extra for.

Well, here in Finland all those criterias are already met with. It’s even feared that normal phone lines will become useless here since it’s much more cheaper to get a cellphone. For example my monthly phone bill is about 19 euros (’bout 25 dollars), the same thing with normal phone line was about 36 euros (47 dollars) per month.

The sound is much more clearer than your normal pulse phone and you can talk pretty much everywhere you want, unless you’re way underground.