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Dear Oleg,

I totally disagree. First off, mobile phones were designed, originally, to
be phones. To create Sierra games on the phones would require the following:
(1) Very long battery life, (2) Dedicated user that have plenty of HOURS to
waste, (3) A 70’s child mentality.

Personally, I hate cell/mobile phones. They cause more problems then
anything else. The technology is still very “static” (pun intended.) They
divert ones attention from the duties at hand. They are now transformed from
ways to communicate to ways of entertainment. ‘Playing’ with your phone
could cost you your job. Driving with your phone could cost your life.
Relying on your cell phone to work in all locations is fantasy, (sales
pitch.) The technology is still new. I feel the games on phones are ‘more
buttons to push’. A large selling point for cellphone companies.

I will only buy a cellphone when these criterias are reached:
– Cellphone reception is as clear as a rotary pulse telephone.
– Cellphone can be heard by every tower no matter where you’re at.
– Cellphone charges come under the price of owning a home telephone line.
– Cellphone companies take out all the stupid ‘bells and whistles’ that
you are billed extra for.

Sierra games should only be computer games.