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I thought you guys might be interested to hear that in this follow-up email I received it is implied that the repackaged game was actually modified slightly. I’ve ordered and will let you guys know if there are actually any changes I consider major. (whether good or bad)

“Hi Jim,

The Collector’s Edition Gold Rush is packaged in a very nice wooden box.
Doug hand-made each box and created the artwork which is hand-printed
(silk-screened) on each one. He only made about 250 of these and there are no plans to make any more, so the supply of these are limited. There is a color, poster-sized map showing the routes to California during that period (the same map included in the original game with minor changes). There is a new User’s Guide with helpful hints, and the pre-game story of Jake and Jerrod. The booklet you referred to in your last e-mail is not included since the original game’s copy protection scheme was removed. There were many minor graphics and textual changes made to improve the playability.
You may not even notice the changes, but Doug and Ken made these changes based on the years of feedback they received from players.

If you would like to purchase one, our preferred method of payment is paypal; it is easy and fast. I will send an invoice for you through paypal, and if you choose not to purchase a game just disregard the invoice. I usually ship orders the day that payment is received, or the next day if the order comes in toward the end of the day or on a weekend. If you order and aren’t happy with what you get, you can return it, less postage.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.