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(re: Gold Rush) Ken could you give some input into why this game is being published by another company? Thanks.
I have no idea. It’s possible that these guys purchased some old inventory.
I do remember that the authors (Ken McNeil(?), and his brother(?)) kept trying to get the rights back so that they could sell the game themselves. In a large company, it’s hard to make money selling a product that only sells a few hundred copies a month, or even fewer. Whereas for Sierra there wasn’t enough interest in Gold Rush to keep it on the price list, for the authors it could be worthwhile to sell the product themselves. The McNeils were constantly after me to let them sell the product themselves, and my remembrance is that I gave them permission. Most publishers wouldn’t. I’m aware of another author who is currently asking for the rights to sell one of his/hers products that Sierra hasn’t sold in years, and can’t get them (Sierra) to agree. As a former publisher, I understand both sides of this issue.
-Ken W