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(re: Goldrush lives again) Hmmm…I looked at the page you listed, and the graphics sure do look like what you’d expect of a Sierra game.
One thing bothers me, though. Did you look at the “Meet the Authors” page?

I don’t know who authored the Sierra game, but either The Software Farm got them to pose, or something. Here’s what the first caption (about the authors) actually says:
Ken and Doug MacNeill, born in New York, lived many years in the heart of the California Gold country while working for a major software development company.
The two men are posing in front of what looks like an old 386 or 486 (I notice the vintage 5.25″ drives, particularly) so it’s entirely possible that it’s an old publicity shot from the first game, or just a mock up for a “vintage” feel.
I’d be interested in knowing what Ken thinks of it.