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Excellent, Excellent!

The game has been started and coming along nicely,

Music would be great thats what I was looking for today actually, so help on that would be excellent, the types im looking for are much like Classical like when you walked up the clock tower to, the music in the hall on your way to the power generator room, And what is definatly needed, is a remix of the warning of the Ixupi.

For all you People who wonder what this storyline is about, here is a small part, It stars Geoffrey Windlenot, After He’s been informed of his fathers Strange Death. So he basically takes over the museum now, this is were it gets more interesting another book has been discovered detailing more information about the ixupi. So the game is basically on recapturing the 3 Ixupi That got away, Except as we know the pots are now useless. So they have been reactivated by A shaman. There is much more detail to whats going to happen on this game but im not going to spoil it for everyone. But i’ll tell you this much, The game starts off in the museum, BUT…..only a small part of the game takes place there.

Now this is where I go on about more staff, We have people helping out but if there is any fans out there willing to still help out on working on this game then send me an email 

I believed the program we decided to use is macromedia flash,
Anyone with experience in Photoshop is highly recommended if they’re willing to help out..
People who have good experience in music or sound, we will Definatly love to hear from you because we need this game to be creepy.
And most of all Anyone with ideas, The full story line isn’t offical so Please send me your suggestions also.

Tyler M