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(re: re: Other) Well, as someone already mentioned, there are five books in the Prydain Chronicles. These are, to my mind, the best children’s series out there. Much better than Harry Potter, really. They are written by Lloyd Alexander (who also writes the Westmark trilogy, which I can recommend as excellent books, as well (these were written for young adults)). The first is The Book of Three. The second one is The Black Cauldron. The third, fourth, and fifth are, respectively, The Castle of Llyr, Taran Wanderer, and The High King. They contain elements of, but adapted from, Welsh legends and myths. Each is excellent on its own, and even moreso as a whole. All of the characters continue throughout the books, for the most part, and if you read right to the end everything is concluded very well in The High King. That said, I repudiate any connection between the movie and the books. I, too, bought the video the moment it hit store shelves, and was bitterly disappointed. It brought up feelings of Ralph Bakshi’s LotR, but worse. Of course, it was Disney, so I should have known. Everything was much more poignant in the books, and everything they did to, I guess, make the plot simpler to follow just made it less effective. I’m ranting now, so I’ll finish by saying read the books first, then watch the movie, and know true, bitter disappointment.
I haven’t played the game, so I can’t really say how it compares.