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ha ha. I have had an unusual run of luck lately. I could give away my secrets, but then I might have to kill you… oh what the hell, it’s Christmas. 🙂

I get most of my old games from Goodwill. I live and work in the bay area in California. So, I’m near silicon valley (and lots of techie people who like games), and there are a lot of people with high disposible income (or at least, there used to be!) Also EA has headquarters nearby, so there are EA employees and former employees living in the area. At some point, these people clean out their closets or garages and donate the stuff they don’t want. I know of at least 6 Goodwill stores in the area (I have a 15-mile commute to and from work, and most of these stores are between home and work) and I just hit them regularly. Usually the games I find are only in jewel cases and the manuals aren’t always there, so they’re not ideal for collectors. They’re also used, but I don’t care about that. Sometimes I strike out, it’s hit or miss. Sometimes I have very good luck and wind up with something in a box. A few weeks ago I got Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon, complete in the box, for I think $3. I’ve also gotten a couple of old Sierra games in boxes. One store in particular has been very good for finding games in boxes — I don’t know if the same person keeps donating them, or what.

I hope no one who lives in my area reads this…

🙂 emily

ps Ken – if you’re ever planning on cleaning out your garage, let me know so I can come up to Seattle and troll the thrift shops!!