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crap…i just went searching for the box to try and refresh my memory of the story line for this game but can’t find it. i do have the cd case here. unfortunately, the back cover talks about “The Betrayal of Antara” (that’s one I never played)

but yeah, the fact that Arthur C. Clarke was a part of this project helped to make me believe this would be a true classic. hmmmm…the cover has the name Gentry Lee on it. that must be the great author you spoke of.

i have heard of authors having trouble making the transition from book writing to game writing. this seems like it may have been the case here as well.

i don’t ever remember the puzzles being hard. what i remember is just wandering aimlessly on the surface of this alien planet looking for artifacts. i could not derive a purpose for my character other then, “hey, here’s another cool thing to look at”. i had not emotional connection to myself (the main character) nor any of the other characters (there were few).

i think you 2 have convinced me to try this again. this time (being much older and hopefully more wise ..ha!), i will try to keep an open mind. emily, would you mind letting me know when you get started? i would be interested in getting your thoughts of this one.

did you ever get to meet Arthur C. Clarke?