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(re: RAMA: Do any of you remember that one?) I have negative memories of Rama. It was a total mess.
It was an experiment to see if Dynamix could do an adventure game. We had a famous author on the project (whose name I forget) and even got Arthur C Clarke’s participation. Dynamix was awesome, Arthur C Clarke is certainly awesome, and the author (whose name I’ve forgotten) was awesome, the art was awesome, and Sierra’s adventure game technology was awesome — but, roll it all together, and what do you get – a disaster.
It’s been so many years. that I don’t remember what all went wrong. My recollection is that the project was horribly over budget, and that there were creative issues. Also, there were issues associated with taking a book author and putting them to work in an interactive medium.
Rama was beautiful. It’s worth finding a hint book, and playing it through just to see the graphics. Perhaps I should have kept the team together and had them keep polishing the play until we had a great game. Vision is always better when you look backwards. At the time all I remember thinking was: I NEED to get this shipping, and stop the spending.
-Ken W