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(Cloak: The Naked Mind) I’m still working on my list o’ stuff… soon I’ll add the entire contents list for each InterAction Magazine I have, I’m sure that could be helpful as an index.
Anyway, there was a blurb about Cloak in the Summer 1996 issue – maybe there was more said in another issue, but I don’t think there was in any of the other issues I have. I think this must be a game that was cancelled. It’s in the “Coming Attractions – Sneak-a-Peek” section of the magazine. It’s a small 1/3 page article showing two rendered images, a screenshot and a close-up. Also on the same 2-page spread are Shivers II and The Time Warp of Dr. Brain (also both 3D rendered games – did either of those games release?) I would just scan it for you, but I still haven’t replaced my scanner – I’m going to do that on Boxing Day 🙂
So here’s the next best thing, the blurb. It’s probably the one you remember seeing. Like I said, this game must have been cancelled. There’s no way the present-day Sierra is going to revive a 7-8 year old concept – if it was cancelled, there was probably a good reason – so the developers of the game (whoever they are) aren’t likely to ressurect the concept either.
Cloak: The Naked Mind
This high-tech adventure game is being called a cross between Star Trek and James Bond, though we think that’s way too stupid of a description to really give you a feel of how cool Cloak is going to be. At the start of the game, your home world of Altopia has recently set up trade relations with a strange telepathic race nicknamed the Bulbs for their big-brained noggins. The Bulbs’ rapidly developing technology and mental abilities have left the Altopians feeling ill at ease. Can the Bulbs not only see into minds, but manipulate them? Do they have plans to develop weapons and destroy or enslave your people? As an agent for the Interformation Gathering Agency, it is your job to find out. Using a telepresence pod, you can project your consciousness into a robot on the Bulbs’ home planet while keeping your mind safe at home and inaccessible to the Bulbs. Can you discover what the Bulbs are up to before you are found out?
Cloak: The Naked Mind combines all the exciting plot twists and high-tech gadgetry of a spy thriller with the futuristic space-travel environment of science fiction. It makes for a compelling new genre that you’re gonna love. Cloak is due to arrive in players’ hands in the spring of 1997.