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Subtitles?!? Looks like that’s ANOTHER thing I missed out on…but I’ve encountered a few games with that amputated-dialogue syndrome. Like in SQ6, on Delta Burksilon, the subtitles say “Heck, you can’t even say liftbay-relay outlay-array!” but Gary Owens says something like “-ck, you can’t even say…(etc.)”, and when you look at one of the cages in the NanoTech lab, the subtitles say “You see…(new dialogue piece)…a crip thrip.” But Gary just says “Crip thrip.” Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

But one of my beefs with Woodruff’s voices is that in a couple cases when you give something to someone and get something in return, after they’re through talking, as they’re giving the item to you, they start repeating whatever they said initially, but they stop talking once the item is in your possession. Strange.

And a belated thank-you to those of you who have volunteered to scan their manuals. I’m deeply grateful.