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I’ve heard of Torin’s Passage as well, in fact I created a webpage dedicated to it.

And I don’t know about Woodruff being a sequel to Goblins 3. It’s definitely in the same style, but the “true” Goblins sequels had a definite connection to their predecessors (mostly having to do with the king and his son, as well as numerous character references/cameos), but Woodruff is quite different. All of the humanoid protagonists of the Goblins series had pointed ears…and Woodruff’s are rounded. That’s a big enough difference for me.

By the way: I guess my primary question wasn’t clear enough. I wanted to know if anyone had the manual that came with Woodruff and if it would be possible to upload it in some form. There’s no copy protection in the manual or anything similar, I just want to see what it’s like.