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(re: The Sierra Value Packs) Well here are the ones I have in my personal collection :
Value Packs:
#1 King’s Quest II, Mixed up Mother Goose, Space Quest I
#2 Space Quest II, Helicoptor Simulator, Thexder
#3 Hoyle I, Police Quest II, Manhunter II
Value Packs 3in1:
#1 A-10 Tank Killer, Hoyle I, Space Quest III
#2 Oil’s Well, Stellar 7, Thexder Firehawk II
Other Collections:
Adventure Starter Kit: Space Quest I, Leisure Suit Larry, King’s Quit (VGA Remakes)
Action Five: Slipheed, Zeilard, Thexder, Thexder Firehawk II, Oil’s Well
Family Fun Pack: Robin Hood, Gobliiins, Hoyle III
Sierra’s Award Winners: King Quest V, Red Baron, Rise of the Dragon
Multimedia Value Pack: Lost in Time, Gobliins, Inca
Those are the “older collections” – there are some newer ones that Sierra has published I have a few of the newer ones, but have not made an effort to acquire all of those. The ones listed I consider “classic” – the standard sized sierra slipcover box (some the regular size thickness – some “jumbo”).
Sierra also released a few other collections over their time span, that were specific to a particular game. For instance Space Quest (which I think has had the most collections released – need to check with Frans) has a Trilogy (already mentioned by another poster) Quadrillogy (is that a word?) several 1-5 collections, and a 1-6 collection. There is also a “classic” Leisure Suit Larry 1-3 collection, and a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head – I’ll have to go back and look in my collection.
If you need any other specifics, just let me know.