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(re: Preserving Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash) Ken – I would be happy to help you with a B&M Museum, just let me know what I can do.

OK – I confess to being ignorant .. what’s a B&M Museum?
Thank you for the offer of help. It’s the wrong time for me to be thinking about this. I’ve got 30 things going, and don’t want distracted from all the distractions I’m already dealing with. I’ve gotten a few emails and postings on this topic.
To make a long story short, when it comes time to think this thought (which is later, not sooner), here’s the big picture of what I’ll be thinking:
My hope is that some entrepreneur will come to me with a plan to do a museum, preferably in the tourist part of Seattle. The museum would be interactive, in that visitors would be able to play for at least a few minutes the games from 20 years ago — and, it would not be limited to Sierra — I’d love to get old memorabilia from all the video and computer game companies. I would provide the seed capital (I’m thinking small – like under $50,000). From this, they would hopefully create something that could last for a long time, and grow over time — and, be able to feed themselves, and perhaps another employee or two. Seattle has lots of tourists, and if this were done correctly, I could see it being mildly popular.
Once again though… please don’t write me on this until much later in the year. Currently I’m caught in a loop and seem to be accomplishing nothing. If I were a computer, someone would need to reboot me.
-Ken W