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(re: Preserving Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash) I have my goofy personal museum. But I’ve had a vision of a museum in two parts. One part is a like any other museum, with exibits and such, but very high-tech, like a video demo on an LCD screen going at all times above the game’s stuff. The other is a spiral hallway going up at 5 stories, with arcade machines and computers lining the walls of this museum. It would be lighted by the monitors, and the machines would all be rebuilt to look like the PS2 demo units Sony and Samsung sent everybody in 2000.
If you get a copy of the Namco Museum collections on the old PlayStation (not the re-releases on the newer consoles) and some of those Midway retro collections (also on the old PlayStation), there’re some ideas there. The Namco discs each have a special 3-D museum designed as part of the game, with exibits and stuff. I think you might like it, though the emulation is little awkward.
Lastly, for the Ultima II thingy on eBay . . . more power to whoever bought it. I think I’ll stick to my Ultima Collection disc with all Ultimas (except Underworld series) from 0-8, with all the extras. I do understand, though, especially with Ultima, that there’s no substitute for all the goodies, but, eh, I just love to play games!