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“… (by Timo Takalo) Now this brings back memories. Ironically I was nine years old myself when I got this game. Willy Beamish had definitely one of the cooler manuals out there. I read once from a gaming magazine that a sequel was planned where Willy & pals would’ve reached their teens. Too bad that never happened. I would’ve liked to see an older Willy and Dana make out.

I love Willy Beamish! Dynamix games kick some serious heinie. For a “kid’s” game, like Eco Quest, it covers serious issues and is thoroughly entertaining.

Yes, the Chef Childish sequence is a timer bug, as is the Tavern calendar sequence, and the final battle sequence.

Really sad that the sequel wasn’t made! It was more than planned, I saw pictures once. Can’t for the life of me find ’em though..
Nice post, Timo, I totally agree. 🙂

– Alistair