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I haven’t played Willy Beamish yet, but can you give an example of the kind of puzzle in KQ4 where you had to wait for something to happen before you could do something else? I’m not sure I know what you mean.

I do remember the “real time” aspect of KQ4 making me *think* I had to wait for night to come before I could progress. I figured out how many minutes on the clock in the haunted house equalled how many minutes in real time, then left my game running by itself for a certain amount of time until night came. That was such a trip… it was the first game with the day / night cycle, and I loved how the scenes looked different at night (shadows, lighting, etc.) than they had in the day.

It turned out that there were things I had to complete during the day after all, and I restored a saved game. I also almost reached the end and had to play the game through again from the very beginning because I had shot the second of Cupid’s arrows into the air earlier in the game and, of course, couldn’t get it back. Dunno why, but dead ends like that didn’t seem to bother me when I was 10 the way they do now! Maybe I just had more patience then…

🙂 emily