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Well, I always prefer a clean a crack as possible, even if there are leftovers from the protection screen. Maybe you can just kill the randomization in LOGIC 125, forcing the protection to ask the same question every time, thus not skipping any scripts. Whatever you decide to do, let me know when you’re finish so I can test it.
In the meantime, perhaps you can answer these few questions that bugged me for years:

In my copy of KQ2 v1.1H, the score is displayed in gibberish. I know that’s because some %d got replaced by %s, but I want to know if that’s how the game was sold in stores or if that’s a bug that only present in some pirated copies. You see, I prefer my copies as close to the original as possible, bugs included.

And on another subject – until recently, I didn’t know about KQ1 v1.0U, I only thought that the booter version and v2.0F existed. Now I saw it on your list, and I just want to know what exactly is this version. I presume it’s a DOS version, so how does it differ from v2.0F?

One last thing – how come PQ1 and Man Hunter SF initial vresion numbers were 2.0A and 3.02 respectively? It doesn’t make sense (I know that there were more weird initial version numbers, but I chose those two as an example). By the way, do you want KQ4 v1.006.003? I didn’t see it on your list, and I have a copy of it.

Incidentally, I saw other cracks on your webpage. Did you make those too? And what are the Debug scripts/patches ZIP files? Are those the files necessary to enter debug mode on these games?

Finally, I want to thank you for the questions file. I hope it’ll be put to good use, but seeing as there are 87 questions, and I only have about 30 answers, I doubt that there’ll be someone who cares about it enough to answer 50+ questions… Well, a clean crack will have to do then  🙂