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The reason why I asked you to check it, is that it still is possible that certain variables are not being set, the way I cracked it. However, I didn’t found it to be very likely. The way Gold Rush starts goes this way:

1. LOGIC 0: Main script in all AGI games, starts with going to LOGIC 129
2. LOGIC 129: Some sort of speed regulation routine
– If the game is restarted -> goto LOGIC 1 (begin screen)
– If the game is started -> goto LOGIC 125
3. LOGIC 125: Random selector choosing between 3 scripts: LOGIC 126, 127 & 128
4. LOGIC 126/127/128: Copy protection scripts (split up because of the size) about 30 questions each
– If good -> goto LOGIC 73 (intro sequence)
– If bad -> goto LOGIC 192 (string ’em up sequence)

The way I cracked it, was patching LOGIC 129 so when started it would goto LOGIC 73 (intro sequence) instead of LOGIC 125. However, as you can see, 2 scripts that would normally be executed are being skipped.

It was really not that hard to crack, since the AGI system is pretty clear to me, so Gold Rush wasn’t unfamiliar to work with. I also made another crack, which would excute all scripts normally and would blink the copy-protection screen for 1 second or so before the intro, but I thought the other way was much nicer and wouldn’t make any difference. So I’ll try to patch it that way, perhaps it’ll improved. Furthermore, I’ll check what triggers those “random” deaths in the scripts in question. And the “No memory. Want 2255, have 2035”, certainly is bad, however I seem to recall that happend sometimes in the older cracked version too.

The “Restoring GRDIR to original state” just writes 2 bytes in the GRDIR file, which doesn’t affect uncracked versions since the bytes remain the same.

Finally, the questions are found encoded in the scripts, which are in their turn compressed and stored in the GRVOL.1 file. So no plain-text viewer would show them. But there are tools to do so, so I spared you the effort and added them in this thread.
Gold Rush copy-protection questions