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Ok, I tested your crack in the same place where debug mode caused too many random deaths in the old cracked copy. I played this journey scene 8 times, and I had a random death 4 times. One by cholera in the beginning of the journey, one by falling of the raft to the Texas river (that one is so weird!), and twice by cholera in a later part of the journey. Note that every time I die of cholera in the later part of the journey, wether in debug or not, I get the error message: “No memory. Want 2255, have 2035”. Perhaps you’ll know what that means.
I have to say I can’t tell for sure if these deaths are caused by debug mode or your crack, becuase they are, well, random. I also played the scene a few more times in debug mode and didn’t have too many deaths. But why did you ask me to check it in the first place? Is your crack influenced by debug mode in any way? What are the mechanics of the crack?

By the way, did you just prepare this crack in the past few days following this conversation? That’s impressive, especially considering the fact that you don’t remember Gold Rush that well.
I noticed that your crack say: “Restoring GRDIR to original state” and only then “Removing protection”, I guess that refers to the old buggy crack, but I used your crack on an uncracked copy; is it supposed to work just as well on cracked and uncracked GRDIRs?

How can I extract the questions from the game scripts? I used a hex editor on several files but didn’t find them. In which file are they? I always like having a good crack as well as the option to play an untouched copy, that’s why I want to make a complete codes and answers document, and if I have all the questions I’ll hopefully found someone with the manual who’d be willing to provide me with the answers. It shouldn’t be too hard since I already have a lot of the answers.