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(re: Torin’s Passage Manual) The website has been mentioned numerous times – I don’t know if they have a manual for Torin’s Passage or not.
I don’t have a proper copy of the game – I have just a CD I picked up from a computer store – no box or anything. The CD does come with a CD booklet though – nothing special or that interesting inside – there’s a photo of the game team on the back of it, but that’s relatively small. I suspect Torin’s Passage is from the era when Sierra was making those nifty get started hint guide / booklet things, colorful foldouts that looked pretty (other games they did this for were KQ7, SQ6…) but I don’t know that for sure.
The back of the CD case itself is not even Torin-related, as Sierra started doing at this time too, which I found annoying. It has an ad for Shivers.