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(re: re: re: Sierra and Half-Life 2) Yeah, naturally Valve have backups of their work. But what is completely beyond me is why a software company with such a project actually had it accessible on a network directly conntected to the Internet, and in addition to that used Microsoft products like Outlook Express, which are known to be insecure and often hacked?! Shouldn’t they be more protective of their material, and work on it in a physically separated network? I mean, they are working on technology to distribute the game on the Internet and support online playing in the game, but shouldn’t they separate the basic product from the Internet as much as they could? At the very least, the programming team could have stored the source code in an internal, protected network. No use to have source code spread out over the whole net. As much as I hate the person/people who hacked Valve, I can only feel that they have themselves to blame.
And about Sierra: I’ve read about that Frogger incident. I also think I read somewhere about the security measures of Sierra in the late 80’s. I remember things about security access zones in the building and a vault with hardware that was not released on the market yet. Things like that. Does anyone know if TSN/INN ever had problems with people trying to sabotage things, or hackers breaking into the system somehow?