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This is a topic I have long wondered about… and I never could get a straight answer out of my dad (Barry Murry) or uncle (Dave Murry). This thread certainly makes them sound like jerks! I know that my family has the highest respect for Ken, and I regret how things ended. However, I can offer a bit of clarity in a few areas.

I do know that it was not Evryware who said that there were “disagreements with the direction of the series” with Ken. It is our belief that it was the result of standard internet speculation, in combination with John’s theory that “disagreements” simply meant that a business deal was not reached. Also, Evryware seriously pursued Manhunter 3 about 10 years ago, but Sierra was going through “changes” (post Ken era) and they were not interested. Nor would they release the rights to the series. The project fell through. But I could see how this could be translated into “disagreements”.

So fast forward. Evryware decides to get out of the game business to explore various side projects. But over the course of the last ten years, we have periodically toyed with returning to Manhunter 3. A thought that never really died, but never made any progress either (which is as good as dead). Attempts were made to get in discussions with Sierra again, but they always failed.

Until April 2008.

After encouraging discussions with Sierra, we have been developing a prototype game (featuring Day One, of Manhunter: New York) to find out if our concept (currently on paper) is actually fun to play by today’s standards, while keeping the soul of the original. After ten years, we were finally making progress.

Then, last week, Sierra’s pending doom was announced. The future of Sierra is unclear. Despite what happens, the momentum has started and the demo is in progress. We will complete the prototype. But the future hinges on what happens to Sierra (or whoever ends up with the rights to Manhunter) after the dust settles.

So, if there is anyone left who cares, April 2008 is the first time since 1989 that a new Manhunter is in development. Not a full game, just a proof of concept at this point. But that’s better than nothing right?

I am interested in hearing any thoughts or feedback. Feel free to email me! And thank you for all the kind words on this site. It provides a lot of motivation and inspiration. When the time comes, I will be back looking for some input on what you guys think of the demo.

Have a great weekend!

Mike Murry