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(Manhunter Memories) Hi there!
Ok, so at least a few people think it’s a good idea! Any other manhunter fans out there?
At any rate, I’m going to go for it, and get a Manhunter site up and running. It may take a while, but hopefully it’ll be pretty cool!
I’ve got a good idea of what i want to do with the site, but anyone’s suggestions are more than welcome. You can post here or email me at
if you’ve got something you’d like to send me or just want to chat about the idea.
P.S. I’ve attached my ‘first draft’ of the montage image I made for the home page (just to show I’m not just blowin’ smoke here in my intentions)!

so it doesn’t take up too much space) of the first image I’ve made for a Manhunter website.