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For making master disk backups, we are still waiting on that disk imaging utility that was being written by one of our members here, although I know a number of us here have been archiving our own disk sets with whatever method each of us has individually chosen. One thing I’ve paid particular attention to is to make sure to archive only disks that have, as far as I can tell, not been modified since they were originally packaged, with new configuration files, saved games, etc. Eventually, we will have a separate website setup with a custom system to handle all the archival activities we’ve been engaged in.

I’m pleased to say I still have a magnifying glass that is in near mint condition. You could place a piece of red cellophane – the magnifying glass if you have it – over the fingerprint on the chart and then scan it – i.e., scan them both together. That method worked very well for me, and in the end gave me high resolution, archival quality images.

Meanwhile, I’m sure others will enjoy your very cool picture. Unfortunately, the resolution is very low, which makes it difficult to print a sharp copy and clearly study those fingerprints.

Brandon Klassen Admin / Archival Team