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You do understand I was not trying to say it was WORTHLESS, don’t you? I’m in the same boat as you (even though I’m a new fan, not a long-time one such as yourself) and would love to own a bit of Sierra. But recently I emailed Al Lowe, and he shone some light on it’s (Sierra’s) situation that us fans are trying to ignore. Sierra will never be what it was– it will never be mainstream again if the markets remain the way they are. The majority of the gamers today have no desire to use (note that I did not say ‘waste’) hours and hours playing an adventure game. Shooting, sports and other types of games are more exciting, quicker, and not to mention more social (something most old Sierra adventure games cannot be, sadly)– and, from what I’ve seen recently, those types of games (shooting, sports etc.) are NOT Sierra’s area. And, in case you haven’t noticed, the computer gaming industry is on the way out– who want’s to get fat in front of their PC when they can go use the Wii? I believe Al is right. Though I do support Ken rebuying Sierra 100% because my personal interests, what would he do with it? What he was doing with it back ’96: making best-selling adventure games? In the markets I’ve been talking about, fat chance. And (Ken if you’re reading this, don’t take any offense) don’t forget Ken hasn’t really been in the computer/gaming industry for over a decade. Things have changed dramaticly in the past 10 years– faster than ever– and Ken didn’t catch that train. Though the things Sierra could create under his direction would no doubt entertain and delight ME greatly, THE REST OF THE WORLD requires (isn’t pathetic?) that it all be state-of-the-art– somthing I’m not sure Ken would be capable of. I’d like to imagine otherwise (Ken, you’re great in our eyes), believe me. I’m sorry Ken– I’m sorry everyone, but that’s how it is. Until someone can find a way to get the public interested in adventure gaming again, what is Sierra really worth to anyone other than us? Really?

P.S. Ken, I hope this doesn’t scare you away from the chance… I’m so sorry…