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If no one buys it, wouldn’t the intrinsic market value be $0? And thus, open to anyone that is willing to take on the corporate name/assets?

If so, I do believe that there are still people that Sierra and it’s traditional (as well as some of the newer) assets are worth something. I, for one do… and would be willing to put some funding to purchase (and manage it), along with any investors/lenders that would be willing to provide the additional funding needed to acquire it. However, the best case scenario is having Ken purchasing it back, it’s the best way the company would get back the original heart… kinda reminds you of Jobs coming back…  that said… if Activision does not find many buyers, put my name in the hat. I’d love to own a piece, and manage, a great brand name such as Sierra.

I have been (and still am) a fan of Sierra games from the past, and always wanted to be a part of that classic innovative entertainment company.



P.S. My wife and I just finished King’s Quest IV last week. I played it again after at least 15 years… still as entertaining as ever.