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Well perhaps i could help you. Please just explain what EXACTLY is the problem? Why does 2 walkthroughs not help? Are you stuck in the game?? Or did you find a glitch that prevents you from continuing??? I have finished Codename : Iceman about 5 times, so perhaps my knowledge could help? (im surprised 2 walkthroughs is not helpful to you)

oh sorry, i just saw the entire thread, so you stuck in the submarine? Where exactly in the submarine? I remember you had to play dice… or you had to win the submarine battle… or you had to get the scuba kit, and had to bomb that oil rig? (was it an oil rig)
and i felt that the scuba part, was probably the most difficult… trying to navigate around.

A decent walkthrough, should provide all the answers. With regards to Conquest of Camelot, i love trying to solve the riddles, but if you still stuck, a walkthrough must help! I rememeber the one answer, was ‘Sieve’ 🙂