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I collect Sierra games (at least, the classic Sierra games) because they represent, to me, the Golden Age of computer games.

When I first became aware of Sierra as a company, it was Space Quest II that caught me.  I’d just booted up the game (oh, the glorious days of DOS!), and within five minutes, I’d accidentally sent Roger Wilco floating off to his inescapable doom in the depths of space.

It was hilarious.  Not because I’m a cruel person, you understand, but because Sierra made it *fun* to see how much trouble I could get poor Roger into.  No matter how many times I blew him up, unzipped his spacesuit in the middle of deep space, threw him off a cliff, or got him eaten by Some Alien Being on Unknown Planet X, there would always be a wisecrack or a joke around the corner to make his endless galactic wanderings just that much more enjoyable.

Sierra truly *cared* about the games they made.  Moreover, they obviously had fun making them, and wanted *us* to have fun playing them.

Sierra loved their work, and I loved Sierra.  That’s why I collect Sierra games.