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…I don’t blame Scott for being bitter though. I imagine Space Quest was like his child…

I was thinking about this last night, and some of the history is coming back.

Scott and Mark (the two guys from Andromeda) seperated at some point. Perhaps Scott or Mark will jump on this thread and correct me if I have this wrong, but here’s what I vaguely remember:

Dynamix wanted into the adventure business. They were our subsidiary in Oregon that built flight simulators. I remember Dynamix courting Mark to come to Oregon. Meanwhile, Scott and Mark were having some issues between them. Mark decided to move to Oregon, leaving Scott behind in Oakhurst.

Space Quest was like a child caught between two parents. I don’t know how it was decided as to whether Scott or Mark would do the next game. I also don’t remember who did do the next game. From Scott’s comments, it seems that Mark did another Space Quest game from Dynamix, which didn’t do well. That wouldn’t surprise me. Scott’s a great writer, and his biting witt were an important part of what made the series so successful. This is not to downplay Mark’s contribution which was huge.

Space Quest was best when both were involved, but unfortunately, any time there is a divorce, it’s a sad situation, and often, the kids get caught in the crossfire.

-Ken W