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My thoughts:
I’m not sure how to put into words, exactly how I feel after reading this, but I guess one word which springs to mind is ‘vindicated’. I’ve had a lot of conflicting views of what Sierra was like, but Scott’s is pretty damned close to what I thought it was like (granted, Josh Mandel, Rudy Helm and other Sierra employees have talked to me to kind of shape this view).

I hear the same things here other Sierra employees have said (whether in other interviews or to me)- KQ was overresourced, other series were underresourced, KQ got the marketing money (other games didn’t), Ken Williams became greedier and less quality focused as Sierra got wealthier, people often didn’t get credit for work they did.. and more.

Still, there’s a lot of positives, it’s by no means all a tirade (I just found that the most interesting). As a SQ fan I feel proud to be able to pay homage to the series with a guy like that at the helm.

The Black Cauldron and Monkey Island comments were both just hilarious. Excellent stuff.

If you’ve played a SQ, or if you’re a Sierra fan with some time, READ IT! Definitely read it.

– Alistair