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I’m not too concerned about XP compatibility either, but some games do need to be updated to work on current systems.  King’s Quest VIII is the first one that comes to mind, but I’m sure there are others too.  And not everyone knows how to use DosBox, so while a lot of the old games might work, not everyone will know how to get them to work properly.  Also, anyone who doesn’t have an MT-32 system will never hear that quality of music, unless they spend a lot of time trying to figure out emulating it.  I would’ve liked new drivers (maybe general midi?) that supported that quality music without needing actual MT-32 players.  I think only fans who grew up with these games will be interested them, and they won’t be attracting a lot of new people to the series.  And that’s why I wish they included a lot more.  I was expecting the bare minimum of every game in each series being in each collection, and I’m suprised that it looks like that isn’t happening.

If anything, I was hoping they would’ve ported the Apple IIgs versions of the AGI games to DOS/Windows so that players could at least have the option to play with high quality sound rather than PC Speaker sound.  I have to play my old IIgs games through emulation because I refuse to play the DOS versions.

I agree, the guy in the crystal ball is Connor and the wizard is definitely Mannannan and I’d assume they’re leaving KQ8 out.  Or maybe Vivendi just can’t count and they’re really including all of the games.  And do the numbers on the boxes include or exlude the remakes?  There’s no reason for them not to include the remakes, but then you’d think they’d use those to bolster the number of games on the box.  I’m so confused.

I think Vivendi should just open source these games.