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i think that the compatibility thing isn’t an issue. people are too hard on microsoft, saying that things are not compatible enough. that’s simply not true. windows 3.1 apps still work on xp, and all xp software will continue to work on windows vista. the fact that the games are made for xp will be just fine. the only reasons we have compatibility problems with sierra dos games is because of the old hardware is not in the system (the isa soundcards) and new computers are too fast for sierras bad timing programming. both are non os problems. the only thing i dont understand is why ms doesn’t have their own a full blown msdos emulator built into windows. that would be nice, and logical.

im not happy that they aren’t including all of the main series of each game. thats too bad for all of us that missed out on the old collectors editions. i have all the games already, but the only collectors disk i have is quest for glory. i was hoping to pick up all the different ones. i dont know now.

i still have a hard time trying to figure out why vu is even doing this. there can’t be demand enough for a set of games that are all so old. as much as all of us love sierra, most people dont even realize who they are. they are now more popular for releasing half life than they are for kings quest.

did anyone else notice they listed the genre for them as action/adventure? thats funny.