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I like option #1, because it allows the player to see everything that’s in the screen all at once, and it’s fairly easy to move about without getting disoriented.  It also allows for very beautiful artwork that doesn’t require the very latest video card or processor to run the game.  When I was playing Syberia, Still Life and Longest Journey, I didn’t feel at all hindered or that the interface was obsolete.  In fact, I was often impressed by the graphics.  And of course you can still include cut scenes that are in 3D.

However, I am not opposed to an interface that is 3D with a moving camera.  The best example of this that I can think of is in Gabriel Knight 3, because I could manipulate the camera view without having to move the character, and when the character did walk from one place to another, I could press Esc and skip the walking.

What I don’t like is the ones where the character and camera view is fixed in one point and you can look around only from that point in each screen.  I believe Atlantis and Beyond Atlantis were made that way, and I didn’t care for it.