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I 90% own all of the classics. All Kings Quests, all Quest for Glorys, all Police Quests, all Space Quests, Conquest of Camelot, Conquests of the Longbow, Gabriel Knight’s, all Laura Bow’s (though i never really got through any of them),  i have the seven crappy disks of the CD Phantasmagoria, the childish Kings Quest VII, where the mouse icon lights up for a puzzle point (not a good idead, Roberta!!), i.e. (same thing for Phantasmagoria!!!), . The only Larry I have is the first AGI version. When I aquired my exstensive collection, when it capped, I should say, was 8 years ago when Quest for Glory 5 came out. That WAS THE LAST GREAT ADVENTURE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  Im only 23 and your games changed my life! If not for them my typing skills would have been somewhat shitty at this point. 
Not that you would have known, but, most people had to slave for hours just to get your games to work, with the soundblaster card (thankgod i had one), the adlib card, the IBM card, the GAMEBLASTER card, etc, etc, etc, ..
 Ken and Roberta, your fans are still out there. And we all
would be willing to pay small amounts for some decent
adventuring. I, and many others love a game that takes
four weeks to complete. We all love not geting the best
ending. We all love great music, great non-puzzle puzzles.
We all know you have some money, I, my brother, and
my sister have been paying for it since the 80’s.
I know Ken never did much of the writing, I have always
know since I was 12 that it was Roberta’s face on the box,
like the author of a good book.
Please, come back to us.
Me and my brother saved up for 3 weeks just to get
Quest for Glory 2 one year before Kings Quest 6 came
out. But even then we played all aof the classics as they came out. The consensus shows that if you build it,
they will come.