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Which is exactly why despite some good reviews, I would never buy any Activison’s graphical Zork games. The world that was created by Blank & Lebling (the authors), just could not be done justice by the corporation that bought them. Although, I did buy Leather Goddeses Of Phobos 2, because it was written by it’s original author. Although in hindsight it was worse than Leisure Suit Larry 4!!!

The majority of the time when another author takes over a series that someone else has created, they just can not duplicate the genius of the original.

I saw LSL:Magna Cum Laude last night for the PS2 at Gamestop. I was tempted to destroy the thing on principle, but I can’t afford the penalty fines…

Now there’s a petition that should be circulated…VU needs to stop trashing the image of Leisure Suit Larry and the legacy of Al Lowe!!!!!!!