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I remember that guy from Prodigy about 14 years ago. He was always a big fan of Infocom’s games….

BTW, I think A Mind Forever Voyaging is perhaps the greatest computer game written from a plot development point of view. Steve Meretzky himself is in the science fiction writers hall of fame.

I don’t necessarily look at the article as Sierra bashing. Ken himself admitted in The Roberta Willams Anthology that Infocom’s games were a lot more developed and detailed because they didn’t use graphics. And I’m sure that appealed to a lot of people at the time. I think I’ve seen somewhere on that guy’s website, where he says how much he loves a lot of the original Sierra games, but was disappointed with the move to non-parser interface. I’m sure he’s entitled to his opinion…and many people share that view….it doesn’t make them evil…