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Yeah, this has been going on for a while. VU were expected to first release them back in… October was it? Anyway, I guess they will get around to re-releasing them eventually, when it actually happens is anyone’s guess. Apparently, a third party is doing the work for VU to make the games run in an emulator, so it’s the third party who is taking their merry time. Personally, I think VU should have hired NewRisingSun who has been actually fixing all the bugs and timer problems in old Sierra games via patches. If VU actually consulted the fan community, they would be able to put together a great re-release product that would meet what fans wanted, instead of probably the super-cheap half-assed whatever it is that we’ll eventually get.

I believe that this is all in VU’s interest of gauging just what kind of classic adventure fan community is left out here and the interest in the old games and franchises.