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Dear Brandon,

    I know you have a huge load of work to do to get such an ambitious site up. I merely would like to give you a pep talk. Not that you need a pep talk, but I am just really excited about the archives site, and I know you will offer up some nice suprises when it goes online.

Instead of trying to rush you, I am going to go through my huge stack of Interaction mags tommorrow and see if I have any of the ones you still need for the project.

I just really feel like this site and the archive site have the potential to do great things for Ken, and also the potential to breathe some life into what I feel is a dwindling hobby. People just look at me nuts these days when i talk about the old Sierra games. Whenever someone starts talking about videogames, I always have to ask them, ‘Did you ever play King’s Quest or Space Quest?’ If the person answers yes, they are instantly my new best friend Smiley

I wish you and your fellows nothing but luck Brandon, and I’m sure your labors will not be in vain! I want good things for us diehards!