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Dear Ken, 

    I apologize for the harsh use of the word ‘crap’ when commenting on this site. I worded that statemwnt a bit more roughly than I had intended! It’s not that the site is crap, it’s just that I can’t come to terms with how messages are ordered. I guess I’m more used to the ‘forum’ style of site, where each subject is organized simply by the ‘thread title’.

For instance, if I were to goto the messages portion of this webpage, I would see a list of topics, such as ‘Ken and Roberta return to gaming’ or ‘ King’s Quest V bug fixes’ etc, etc. It just seems to me the logical way of organizing topics. But I am not recommending a total mimic of the traditional forum style, just a different method of listing topics & posts.  I do realize you are a one man team and I do highly respect your work on this site, and I deeply hope you continue to cultivate what you have begun here. I merely am giving a small bit of feedback, and my opinion will surely differ from others so….

Keep up the good work!

P.S. For example, my favorite forum style site would be  I don’t desire a copycat of this, but it’s a good model IMHO.