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I too must admit that I would prefer a more conventional BB layout for this site, with categorized threads listed in descending order of times posted (as with the messages themselves.) Having a link beside each thread header to take you to the first unread message makes it easy to pick up where you left off in a thread.

I fully realize that this site is just a hobby for Ken and have not criticized it before. I don’t want to step on his toes, but it seems as if intent of it is make a way to create a data base and to organize & display it. Would it be possible to have user preferences that could display the threads and messages this way or in the way that Ken has as the default?

It might also be nice to allow the user to alter the CSS in their profile to set font face and size, not just colors. The CSS specifies a font size that seems to be chosen for a small laptop with a low resolution, which is too tiny for any of the more usual resolutions on a 19′ or larger monitor. Yes, you can set the font size up in the browser, but you have to set it back down for any other sites.

If this is possible, could the underlying code and possible interfaces could be experimented with and worked on, but give the users more usability in the meantime?