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Rygar, King, 2006-02-10 12:17:50

…  this site is put together like crap. …


Can you be a bit more specific?

As Brandon mentioned, this site is using a site-maker that I’m building. It’s a hobby, and doesn’t generate any revenue, but seems to be exploding rapidly. I’m at 8,000 websites and adding 200 per week. Bandwidth is going up something like 25% a month. That’s in spite of me doing NOTHING to attract new business.

No one is paying anything.

It would certainly be easier to use ‘off the shelf’ stuff, but that wouldn’t make for a fun hobby. (the site behind this site) is evolving slow, because we have no budget and aren’t in a hurry.

Ultimately, I’m confident this will be great, but most internet projects these days involve millions of dollars and hordes of programmers. I’m a retired software entrepreneuer who boats half the time and plays golf the other half. This project is just something fun to do. It can’t be compared to serious ‘for profit’ activities — at least, not for another year or two.

With that in mind — if you have particular features you’d like sooner than later — let me know. I’ll add them to the task list.

-Ken W