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So i guess you are the one who told me to watch my language? If it were not for sierra, i would not have even known how to type those foul words that you find so repulsive. Should I accept Vivendi, no!!! You want to create a great adventure game, contact me. I have many ideas. The first step is to get a mouse released for XBOX, PS2, and GAMECUBE. The next step is to get a keyboard released for the same. If you want some good ‘SIERRA INSPIRED ADVENTURE’ times, we should work together. There is no good adventure, the only good is where you think for yourself.  I have them all, and they bore me. Hell, they were released over ten years ago!!! Over twenty with KQ1 and Black Cauldron! All of the serious fans would put up decent money on a decent petition! I don’t want another KQ8. That was horrible. It was like a half-assed atempt on playstation. That game sucked. I was hoping for something good, and all i got was a crappy rendition of tomb raider, crappily, i might add.No story, no good characters, and crappy 3D graphics. I want to start a whole new genre where you actually have to use the keyboard. YES!, type that is! Is it so far fetched really?
That’s what they were back in the 80’s. And they were harder than hell. We should combine today’s graphics with the processors that can support them. Just like the early days, Ken and Roberta. I wrote a letter to both of you when I was 12. I’m sorry for swearing on your little site, but I am mad. I have spent alot of money in my lifetime on Sierra Games. I am not an obsessed fan. I finally got my Pentium 1 to support all of the AGI and SCI games to work in perfect order, in XP, with full Soundblaster and Adlib support!!!! I call it my Sierra computer.
Adventure games died, when sierra went south. The last great game was Quest for Glory 5, Dragonfire, and i hope you were there when it did.Even if not, we are still here. Like the fans of a broken up metal band. we wait for the return. I know it’s not gonna happen, even if Mannannan wishes it, but I have to try. I must try. The skull is in the cogs. The hair is in the cookie. The rose was pushed under the door. The witch was in the pot.  We all want a superb adventure game, be it PC. Many thanks, Roberta, for your games, please, one last game……………..