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Good question, and one I should probably do my darndest to ignore and not answer.

That said… I’ll plunge ahead anyhow.

My policy at Sierra was always to avoid censorship, and to publish the product Sierra’s authors wanted to produce. Certainly if someone had stepped WAY over the line, I would have had to take action, but I don’t remember any specific situations where that occured. The one area where I did constantly have to “censor” the games was when there was too much inside humor. I allowed some of it, but generally felt that consumers didn’t care about our internal politics — they just wanted to have fun.

In playing the games, you should keep in mind that they were produced nearly 20 years ago. I’ve been retired nearly 10 years! Awareness of “political correctness” wasn’t quite as strong in those days as it is today. Humor that would have been fine then, might not be now. I do think that virtually every group is fair game for parody from time to time. There are ways to do humor that are not insulting or that reinforce negative stereotypes (although blondes do seem to be an unprotected species). Overall, when it comes to deciding what is politicaly correct, and what isn’t – I’m just happy I’m long retired, and don’t have to make those decisions anymore.

-Ken W