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Ok guys,

I got a Packard Bell 204CD system, 24 Megs Ram, 486 Dx2 66Mhz, 500mg hard drive, etc.

It came with Windows 95 installed. I formatted and installed DOS 6.22. I have jet to get Windows 3.1. I had to hunt down a replacement battery and actually buy and use a solder gun for the first time 🙂

Anyways, it had some sort of Aztech brand sound card in it. The Cd-Rom Drive is connected to it! To make a long story short, I bought a Creative Labs CT1740 Soundblaster 16 with the Cd-Drive interface so I could replace this aztech thing and play my wonderful old Sierra collection in style!

Problem is, The Soundblaster 16 didn’t come with the original disks, and the drivers I have found on the internet don’t install the Cd-interface, and thusly I cannot use my Cd-Rom drive.

Is there any way around this? Should I buy a different model Soundblaster? Awe32, etc?

Any help would greatly appreciated!